Grassroots Alliance candidates for the NEC and NCC

Vote for candidates supported by the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance Soon members will again have the opportunity to elect rank-and-file representatives to the Conference Arrangements Committee. Since 1998 the Grassroots Alliance, a body of democratic socialist groups and newspapers across the centre and left of the Labour Party, has promoted candidates who stand up for the rights of ordinary members.

A radical reforming Labour government

CLGA candidates will campaign for Labour to win elections as a democratic socialist party, committed to redistributing wealth, income and power from the few to the many, and protecting the environment. They welcome increased government spending on public services and will press for more progressive taxation to fund further improvements in housing, health, education, transport and state pensions. They believe that disputes between countries should be resolved by negotiations through the United Nations, not through unilateral military action, and that Britain and the world would be safer without replacing Trident. They will:

Vote for the following candidates supported by the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance:

Gary Heather - Member No. A006966; Islington North CLP for the Conference Arrangements Committee

You can find a supporting flyer by clicking here.

NEC Reports
Ann Black has her own website, which includes all her reports on meetings of the NEC and the National Policy Forum. The site can be accessed here.

NEC Reports For links to reports by other CLGA-supported NEC members go to the CLPD website: www.clpd.org.uk