Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance candidates for the NEC, July 2020

CLPD is seeking nominations for the candidates that the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance (CLGA) has agreed to support in this year's National Executive Committee (NEC) CLP Section election. The candidates are the following.

Information about these candidates can be found here (printable pdf) and here (CLGA website).

CLP Nominations: CLPs have to submit their nominations by midnight on Sunday 27 September. These nominations will be decided at CLP online meetings called between now and the nomination deadline.

Please find out when your CLP will be meeting to decide on its nominations. CLPD is urging CLPs to nominate the six CLGA supported candidates.

OMOV Ballot: Following the deadline for nominations the election will take place by a One Member One Vote (OMOV) ballot, between Monday 19 October and noon on Thursday 12 November.

Supporting 6, not 9, candidates - STV:. The CLGA is only supporting six candidates, although there are nine CLP Section seats up for election. This is because Labour's NEC decided in June to run this year's election using the 'standard' Single Transferable Vote (STV) method. Under STV there are risks that if the CLGA supports more candidates than it can win CLGA supported candidates' first-preference votes may be spread too thinly, resulting in fewer CLGA supported candidates elected. So the CLGA is just backing these six candidates.